Emotion Coaching

Emotion CoachingEmotions…we all have them. Everything we do and everything we learn is shaped in some way by the way we feel. Feelings are a natural part of who we are. But how do children learn how to deal with sadness, anger or joy?

Emotion Coaching is a research-based parenting tool designed to help children understand and manage their feelings. With this approach, children learn how emotions work and how to behave in healthy ways when feelings are strong.

Learn the five steps of Emotion Coaching that strengthen parent-child relationships and provide children with skills that will help them be better prepared for the challenges life brings. Research shows that children who are raised by parents who use Emotion Coaching have:

  • Decreased levels of stress hormones
  • Lowered resting heart rates
  • Fewer infectious illnesses like colds and flu
  • Increased ability to recover from stress—especially teasing and school behavior
  • Better peer relations
  • Increased ability to self-soothe and calm down
  • Higher academic scores
  • Increased empathy for others

Partners Connect

Parents ConnectThe greatest gift you can give you give your child is a healthy, strong relationship between you and your partner. Approximately 67% of couples report a significant drop in relationship satisfaction in the first year of becoming parents or expanding their family (The Gottman Institute).

Dr. John Gottman and his team have spent over thirty years researching and uncovering the skills that the other 33% of couples, who report stable or increasing satisfaction with their partner, utilize on a daily basis. These skills appear to buffer relationships in times of stress and adjustment.

Couples will be given exercises to practice during this three-hour workshop, with the idea that these skills must be carried forward in time and practiced at home. In fact, the motto of the workshop is “Small Things Often,” as all of the skills are doable, but they must be practiced frequently for a couples’ friendship, intimacy and problem-solving to thrive.

What do parents who work with me have to say?

“Just a deep appreciation for the time Judy pours into parents in training them to do their job and fulfill their calling.”

“Thank you so much for your insight. You help me be a better mom to my daughter.”

“Judy did an excellent job at providing us with the tools and information needed to help our child become even more confident with whom they are!”

“Judy is fantastic and has great “real life” experience with adoption that she is comfortable sharing.”

“Thank you, Judy, for being so helpful and willing to answer any questions (no matter how silly they may seem!).”

“Judy is a wonderful instructor; very informative and a great communicator.”

“We thought the course and Judy were excellent and very informative. We found that the personal examples given were very helpful in making things seem real rather than hypothetical and appreciate the Judy’s willingness to be vulnerable with the audience.”

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