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My interest in adoption began years before becoming a parent. Prior to, during the process, and after adopting three of my four children I was compelled to explore more information and resources about parenting the adopted child and children who have been traumatized. There was little information readily available so I went in search, building a vast body of knowledge. There was also no support for me as a parent so I created a network, which over a decade later is still viable and expanding.

What I have discovered I share with pre- and adoptive parents in preparation and support—in workshops, conference presentations and classes—both private and group—locally, regionally and nationally. I work with and consult parents in the following subject areas:

Parenting Tween, Teens and Beyond covers, roughly, the ages of 6-11, before children begin the more complex processing of what adoption means. The core issues in adoption, focusing on formation of identity of the adopted child, and review the psychosocial stages of development and how adoption impacts them is covered in depth. You can register to take this as a class with others via email or contact me to schedule private sessions: Judy [at] JudyMMiller [dot] com.

Preparing to Adopt is geared for adults considering adoption. This session addresses how and where to begin the process, what questions people considering adoption should be asking, and provides an overview of the commitments that go along with adoption and parenthood. Contact me to schedule your session: Judy [at] JudyMMiller [dot] com.

Moving from Infertility to Adoption is for parents who are creating or growing their family after experiencing fertility issues.This session covers how you move from issues with fertility into adoption—what to expect emotionally, how to resolve issues between you and your partner, how to deal with family and friends, and what being a family formed or expanded through adoption will really be like. Contact me to schedule your session: Judy [at] JudyMMiller [dot] com.

Partners Connect: The greatest gift you can give your child is a solid foundation, as in a healthy strong relationship between you and your partner. Learn about the changes that parenthood bring. Discover the tools that can help you keep the magic in your relationship after becoming parents or welcoming another child into the family. To schedule a session: Judy [at] JudyMMiller [dot] com.

Emotion Coaching: By nature, children are emotional beings. They need the opportunity to understand and explore the full range of human expression. As parents, the task of satisfying a child’s emotional needs can feel monumental. While you may agree that emotional development is both relevant and important, you may not know how to ensure that your child develops a range of emotional experiences.

It’s common for parents to wonder how they raise my child with healthy emotions, and the Emotion Coaching style of parenting will teach parents how to be the emotional “tour guide” for their child. Becoming an Emotion Coach is doable for any parent. Are you ready to embark on this journey? To schedule a session: Judy [at] JudyMMiller [dot] com.

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