Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward

Overcoming “Mission Impossible”

Writing to Heal Adoption GriefA 2009 study, “Beyond Culture Camp: Promoting Positive Identity Formation in Adoption,” by the Donaldson Adoption Institute, confirmed that adoptive status becomes more and more important as a person ages.

Many adopted adults have realized that being adopted doesn’t necessarily get easier as they move through life.Feelings tied to being adopted, which may have been suppressed or ignored, can begin to surface or become stronger in adulthood. Unacknowledged and unexpressed, these feelings can stir up confusion, shame, and anger. There is no “Oh, just get over it.” But now there is a way to walk through these feelings, explore them, and reconcile them.

Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward helps the adopted person dig into his or her past and begin to heal through the process of exploratory writing. This workbook, through guided prompts, inspires the adult adoptee to probe, absorb, and understand. One letter, one line, one paragraph at a time, the workbook guides the reader to making life-changing connections.

Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward encourages adopted adults to open themselves up in “safe places”—like the privacy of their homes or in adult adoptee support groups—and use writing to uncover and explore personal truths about adoption, so they can heal and grow.

  • If you are you adopted…
  • If you participate in a support group for adopted adults…
  • If you are a professional practitioner who sees adopted adults in your practice…
  • If you are a mother, father, sister, brother, or close friend of an adopted person…

Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward is a workbook you should  have, give as a gift, or have on hand to meet the needs of adopted adults who grapple with issues inherent to their adoption experiences.

Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward is now available.

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“Finding one’s voice as an adoptee is an arduous task. Each adoptee comes to find it through a different avenue. Whether it’s reading other adoptee’s perspectives, having an intense life change or reuniting with our first families, emerging from the adoption fog takes courage and resilience. It also requires a large degree of inner processing, and Judy Miller’s workbook, Writing to Heal Adoption Grief, is a welcome, insightful and creative addition to the plethora of methods available.

It’s through workbooks like these that we can feel valued and validated. We can find our voices. This is our mission, should we choose to accept it.”

~ Laura Dennis, adoptee, author of Adopted Reality, and editor of Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, An Anthology.


“Writing to Heal Adoption Grief has many exercises that could be useful in a therapeutic setting. I would encourage mental health professionals to use the workbook as part of treatment for individuals struggling with issues related to adoption.”

~ Dr. David B. Creel, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


“As someone who sees journaling as a path to myself, I’m so pleased that Judy M. Miller has brought Writing to Heal Adoption Grief to the bookshelves and toolkits of people immersed in adoption.”

~ Lori Holden, author of The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption


“Writing to Heal Adoption Grief is a necessary and vital tool for any adoptee, anyone who loves an adoptee, and anyone who works with an adoptee.”

~ Kathy G. Slaughter, LCSW


“Writing to Heal Adoption Grief is for those who can’t get past this unknown something—tied to being adopted—in their life that has left them feeling less than whole or less than a person.”

~ Reverend Lucia Oerter


“Adult adoptees will find provocative quotations, poems, questions and creative exercises that trigger strong feelings and (sometimes) painful memories. They’ll also find compassion and encouragement in these pages.”

~ Heidi Smith Luedtke, PhD


Writing is an invaluable tool for processing loss and grief. Begin your journey to healing.

Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward, $19.95

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