Media Contact

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you.

Are you interested in me speaking to or facilitating a workshop for your clients, parent groups, event, or conference? I have spoken to and run workshops for hundreds of parents, parents-to-be, birth mothers, adult adoptees, and adoption professionals. Among them:

  • Parenting Teens, Teens & Beyond
  • The Concept of White Privilege and Its Importance in Parenting the Transracially Adopted Child
  • Openness: What Its Is and Why It’s Important
  • Adoption Misperceptions and Reality
  • Moving from Infertility to Adoption
  • Parents Connect
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Writing to Heal
  • The Middle Ground
  • Adoption versus “Normal”
  • For Friends and Family: What You Should Know About Adoption

I’ve presented on a variety of topics pertaining to adoption, such as these conferences:  

Are you a member of the media and looking for expert advice of adoption? My articles and essays about adoption and adoptive parenting are published in parenting and adoption magazines. I am regularly sought out as an adoption expert and quoted in publications, such as:

And on radio, wonderful programs such as:

Are you a parent interested in working with me? I’ve coached, mentored, and provided support to hundreds of parents:

  • When they are considering adoption as an option for family building and expansion.
  • While they have waited and prepared to adopt.
  • After their newly adopted children have arrived home, providing support during adjustment.
  • During the complex tween and teen years, when being adopted can further impact puberty and adolescence.
  • When couples are moving from fertility challenges into parenting a child through adoption.
  • When parents are unsure of how to share—what, how much, and with whom.
  • When they need  guidance on how to advocate for their child and family.

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