Transracial Families

Pass It On

February 17, 2011

Many outside the transracial family’s inner and closely related outer circle don’t see a family. They see mismatched adults and children, typically white parents and non-white kids. On top of that, even in today’s efforts to be “politically correct,” many people miss the mark by making insensitive comments or asking intrusive questions, although sometimes well-meaning, […]

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Romancing the Culture

February 11, 2011

Parents who adopted internationally used to be told that assimilation was best. It was believed that love would be enough and that the child, adopted from another country and often of a different race, would eventually become part of, assimilated into, the majority culture. To focus or mention differences might create extreme discomfort and issues […]

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A Place to Begin

January 19, 2011

One of the classes I teach addresses transracial parenting. Within the framework of this class we discuss strategies for dealing with racism. Even in this progressive year of 2011, racism, like bias, stereotyping and discrimination, is everywhere. Racism is personal; it is also institutional. Racism segregates individuals into castes and can damage souls. Racism strips […]

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Looking Back to Look Forward

January 14, 2011

Adolescence, the period of physical and psychological development that transitions humans from puberty into maturity, roughly the ages of eleven through nineteen, a word and time laden with emotional memories for many of us. Often adolescence was the hallmark of being uncomfortable “in our skin” as hormones started to riot and our bodies and emotions […]

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Reflections: Ten Years

December 7, 2010

Note: I write this post with my “parent hat” on, instead of my “educator hat—” although that hat is always with me… 2010 has is only weeks away from being over. We move into a new decade, full of hope opportunity and promise. This year I again filled out a census for our family. In […]

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Reluctant Relatives

October 12, 2010

Sometimes the whole family isn’t completely on-board with the decision to adopt, especially if the adoption is a transracial adoption—a child that differs ethnically or racially from the adopting parent(s). One such experience my husband and I had was with his dad. My father-in-law was “concerned” when we shared that we were adopting a child […]

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