Tools: Narratives

September 13, 2012

As we are fully aware of, knowing where we come from influences the lens of how we view our futures and ourselves. So important, and yet many children who have been adopted don’t know or have access to their full story—that which preceded their adoption into their families. Many children who have been adopted arrive […]

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The “Blues”

May 21, 2012

Post delivery depression (postpartum “blues”) is considered to part of the birthing process. Tied to fluctuating hormones and all of the excitement and, yes, anxiety of bringing a child into the world, post delivery depression affects between 50-80% of mothers. Women report mood swings and feeling “blue” three to five days after delivery, however the these […]

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Lost and Found: The Adoptee’s Voice

January 13, 2012

To be found implies you have been lost. Many adoptees express that they feel or have felt lost, due to loss. Adult adoptees’ insights and experiences should not be ignored or disregarded; however they often are. Adult adoptees’ stories, sometimes painful or joyful or mixed, are valid. They should be invited to the “table” and […]

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The Importance of Things

January 5, 2012

In my daily work with parents I encourage them to read a variety of material about adoption. Blogs—by adoptive parents, birth parents, and those who have been adopted—are something I feel parents should read, with the intent of gleaming perspective, understanding and empathy for the complexities that adoption encompasses. I’m linking to a recent post […]

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