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What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween, Judy M. MillerSpirit-led parenting is one of the core tenets of my parent guide, What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween.

Spirit-led parenting focuses on trusting yourself to parent your child compassionately and effectively, based on your life experiences, wisdom, and the common sense you have amassed.

Spirit-led parenting is about connecting to your intuition and trusting your core values. It is about parenting with conviction and confidence.

The majority of all parents regularly question how they can improve parenting their child. Adoptive parents have the additional layers of “more” to contend with—inherent issues in adoption and their child’s unique story—as they set to provide the best parenting they can for their child. Adoptive parents often ask themselves, and others, if they are making the right decisions for their child, given the layers of “more.” Questions similar to:

  • “Am I doing this parenting ‘thing’ right?”
  • “How can I be the best parent for my child?”
  • “How can I be the best parent for my child?”
  • “How do I gain the confidence to trust myself and my parenting decisions?”
  • “What if what I say or what I do backfires?”
  • “Am I damaging my kid and her future?”

Do you wish you could feel more confident and trust yourself as you parent your child? Do you want to parent from your core beliefs and feel proud of how you’ve handled the interactions with your child? Yes? Join me as I share my thoughts and advice TODAY, Wednesday, April 13th. Come and listen!


The Spirit-Led Parenting summit is happening now. Valarie Carlene, a parent advocate, and coach has organized this free 21-day event. I am one of the 21 educators featured in this interview series.

  • You can access the telesummit from any computer or mobile device.
  • You can listen to the 30-minute interviews while working, walking, making food, driving, or commuting.

During the interview, I share clear, usable information that can assist you with parenting in your daily life, specifically parenting your adopted child. As part of the summit, I am offering a freebie: For Families and Friends: Advice, Suggestions, and Honest Dialogue About How to Best Support Families on Their Adoption Journeys. This brief guide helps people create a foundation of knowledge of how to best provide support for adopting parents and their families.

Before you click on the link above to listen to my interview, please purchase a copy of my internationally selling guide for adoptive parents: What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween. My guide loads directly into your e-reader.

Are you interested in working with me? Check out my classes. I often work with parents “one-on-one.”

I encourage you to join me in embracing a movement of loving and trusting ourselves as parents and believing in the innate goodness and strength in each of our children. Please join me on TODAY!

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