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Motherhood and Mindfulness SummitI was asked to participate in a summit on motherhood and mindfulness by Australian mom and intuitive coach Carla Wood. To speak about motherhood via intuition within the realm of parenting adopted children.

The focus of the Motherhood and Mindfulness Summit is to help moms discover their inner genius and ignite the extraordinary in their families. Parenting is demanding, the most challenging job you will ever have. Adoption can make it more so.

I know and work with so many moms who are deeply committed to being a sensational parent, a “Super Mom.” You might be one of them. But sometimes, even though you do and say the right things, you might find yourself dissatisfied, or unhappy. You might feel as though you are floundering and disconnected. You might find that you question yourself.

Why? Possibly because you have forgotten you. You have left yourself out of the equation because you are so wrapped up in parenting your child. Possibly your energy is depleted.

Have you ever felt this way? Sometimes? Often?

So, what if you let go of “Super Mom” and replaced her with your own unique genius and wisdom?

The Motherhood and Mindfulness Summit has been created to show you that motherhood can be as magical as you dreamed it could be. Discover how you can:

  • Use mindfulness to connect with your unique inner genius
  • Implement practical strategies and easy mindful techniques for busy mums
  • Guide and support your children to be their amazing selves
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and your family members
  • Find your magic

The Motherhood and Mindfulness Summit runs from June 30th through July 20th and can be accessed online for free through this link.

My interview is July 8th, and while I hope you will tune-in and listen to my interview with Carla, I encourage you to tune-in each day to listen to each of the 21 women listed below to hear a remarkable tapestry of personal stories and topics that will inspire you, including:

  • Connected and conscious relationships and communicating
  • Leading edge child development and self-awareness tools
  • What intuition and inner genius feels like and how to recognize it
  • Mindfulness for all moms including specific strategies for single moms and moms who parent adopted children
  • How your family is the best self development and spiritual tool you can have
  • How to move through and let go of “common” but harmful parenting beliefs
  • Igniting passion in ourselves to keep our children shining brightly in our world
  • Connecting to your inner health wisdom, for you and your family
  • Mindful communication strategies

Motherhood and Mindfulness Summit Speakers

 Jeanne Ohm. Jennifer Barham-Floreani. Sandi Schwartz. Laurentine ten Bosch. Lori Petro. Jessica Rector. Michelle Barr. Heather Chauvin. Vicki Savini. Jill Hope. Stephanie Pedersen. Judy M Miller. Sharon Silver. Rosina McAlpine. Elena Lipson. Shelley Lefkoe. Carolin Hauser. Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. Lisa Bogel & Kaya Jongen. Karina Ladet. Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

In reality, we all have our own beautiful offering as moms. We are in a unique and powerful position to make change, for our families and ourselves.

Are you ready to show your brilliance? Step into your own power as a mom.

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