I Believe…


Amidst winter’s flurries and the waning hours of 2013 I reflect on what a year it has been while looking ahead to the coming days, weeks and months of 2014. I believe:

Children are our future. Children possess clear voices and are astute observers of what goes on around and involves them. They are mirrors of our verbal and nonverbal behaviors. Listen. Watch. Learn.

Parents should be child-centered. I believe it is all about the child, putting their needs and best interests first. That said…

Parents should focus on taking care of themselves. We know all too well how quickly and seriously unbalanced life can become if we are out of balance.

You need to make time for you. Take care of yourself, one or two steps at a time. Eat foods closer to their source. Drink water. Take a fifteen-minute walk. Plant a garden or pull weeds in your yard. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, with or without a friend. Find something simple that centers you, and commit to sticking to it.

Slow down.





Make time.



You will experience a sense of opening up—a shift in your mindset, and you will find that you are more present, patient, empathetic, and compassionate. Great tools for parenting.

Happy New Year!

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