A Few Thoughts on Mothering and Openness


I’ve just “landed” from what I consider to be quite the whirlwind of activity—two national conferences (presenting at the American Adoption Congress), two local TV segments, and co-producing and directing the local debut of Listen To Your Mother (it was a smash success!).

This Mother’s Day I am in an interesting “place.”

Motherhood has been the dominant intense thread for me since January, throughout all of the preparation and concerted effort focused on the conferences and the show, and even more so over the past two months. True, motherhood is always on my mind since I am a mom, however the recent events over the past months have certainly caused me to reexamine how we parent our children and, more specifically how we mother and our ability to be open.

I approached the American Adoption Congress (AAC) conference asking myself, “How can I continue to be an active part of the solution, truth, openness, and healing?” I left with new ideas, broader and deeper awareness, and an even greater respect and appreciation for the complexity that is adoption.

I observed so many adopted persons in distress at the AAC conference. Many of the stories I heard about secrecy and the emotions I witnessed made me ache. I felt for those who were so bravely sharing their stories and reaching out. I hope they find themselves on the road to healing. The AAC certainly offered plenty of opportunity and support to begin the journey.

I also heard stories of appreciation, joy and hope. It was wonderful to hear such a range of emotions being expressed, and I credit the AAC for creating and nurturing a “safe spot” to do so.

During the process of co-producing and directing Listen To Your Mother I was struck more than a few times by how some of the stories I heard caused me to me reflect on what I saw and heard at the AAC conference. Openness…

There is an abundance of stories—wounds and experiences—in the world, but facing, talking about, and perhaps writing them down and then sharing with people who will listen and and provide validation is empowering and a huge step towards healing.

And yes, there is also great joy, laughter and other emotions. Their places are right there, alongside the pain. Openness…

Happy Mother’s Day to you!

For Discussion: Where are you with openness? Do you have fears? Do you feel protective? Are you uncomfortable discussing the difficult truths? How are all mothers honored?

~ Photo by Mike Washington Photography

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