The Importance of Your History


Some of My HistoryHistory: Events that have happened in the past. People you’ve known, what you’ve experienced. How you were parented. What continues to shape you, your personality and feelings. What guides you on your journey…

What’s your life story? Are there threads of themes or feelings? Are there particular phases you are uncomfortable with or haven’t resolved?

I ask because your story is still evolving. How you feel about your past experiences impacts your journey. Did some of your emotional needs go unmet? If so, how did you cope with the feelings stemming from this? How do you cope with those feelings now? How do you feel about this relative to parenting your child?

How you feel about your past story impacts the kind of parent you will become or are. Because so much of about your family’s future depends on you and your emotional health, it is wise to take the time to revisit your childhood, teen hood and younger adulthood.

Our pasts often pop up unannounced. As life shifts buried memories and associated emotions about them rise to the surface. What do you do? In living your future and parenting are you attempting to undo or fix?

I’ve asked a lot of questions here to encourage you to think about your story, which is still unfolding. Your past is part of you—to be acknowledged, embraced, appreciated, and learned from.

Food for Thought: Where you are with the feelings about your story have a direct impact on how you parent your child, who also has her story. Where are you?

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