Happy Holidays


2094550120_5c1bbf0c3aEveryone is home. Just this week I took two days off to pick my oldest up from college and bring him home (along with a special young lady).

It is difficult to explain the joy in having us all together.  I feel, well…, almost giddy. Our family feels more settled, content and accepting of the changes that have occurred since our son left for college in August.

My son going away to college was a catalyst of sorts—separate bedrooms for a few (movement into new rooms and lots of fresh paint), added individual responsibility, reassignment of chores, and being reminded that even though we are apart we are always connected.  His leaving was definitely a trigger and therefore another opportunity to discuss loss in adoption and how that feels.

Healing—often a long complex process, bumpy and, sometimes, one step forward and two steps back. Healing—requiring empathy from others, patience and knowledge. What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween is a terrific self-help tool for adoptive parents and professionals who support them. It has also been a great tool for thoughtful discussion in parent support groups. Learn how and why you should create and sustain an open dialogue, support and understanding to help your child heal.  Gain a concrete knowledge of inherent issues in adoption and how can these manifest and compound the already tricky adolescent challenges. Wanting to confidently address some challenges in your child’s life? Kick off 2012 with your copy.

The first round of my popular Tweens, Teens & Beyond class begins January 11th. Class is limited to six (6) participants and typically fills early. This is the last time the class will be offered at the price of $99. Parents have taken the class to fulfill Hague requirements, prepare for the added complexity that adoption brings to adolescence and beyond, to deepen and expand their knowledge of adoption and its impact on the child who has been adopted and their family, and to add to their personal parenting toolbox. You can register here.

I want to wish you and yours the happiest of the holiday season. I hope you have the time to be present and to enjoy the magic of the season and each other.

~ Photo by Syd Delicious

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