Can We Heal? Can We Help To Heal?


Cautious ConversationBy Presidential proclamation November is again Adoption Awareness Month. In regard to this, two-time adoptee Jennifer Lauck, author of the best sellers Blackbird, Still Waters and Found, has launched an initiative to open up a national conversation about adoption.

Jennifer believes, as I do, that there is a way to heal and transcend the experience of adoption into wisdom that can transform someone’s life.

How do these statements and questions affect you? What do you think?

“Adoptees are too often shoved into a corner, most often a place we put ourselves. We are the silent sufferers and we are the adaptors.”

“Can we speak up?”

“Can we share our stories?”

Jennifer promises, along with the guests she has lined up, to challenge participants. Be part of the myth-busting and dialoging. Bring your insights and wisdom to the conversation.

Parents (and adoptees and professionals): There is a series of teleseminars. You can register here. Your information will not be shared.

The first conversation has already taken place, however it has been recorded so that people can still listen in. I encourage you to get in on the conversation.

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