Adoptive parenting. Parenting a child that was not born to you, oftentimes a child who is of a different background,Solitude culture and/or race than you.

Becoming a parent is exciting, awesome, humbling, and daunting. Parenting is rewarding and challenging. Becoming an adoptive parent begs that you suspend your preconceived notions of parenting and diligently work on becoming a parent who is capable of developing a profound level of understanding the staggering reality of what your child has been through, lost.

How do you develop this skill? One of the best ways is to take a “tour” of your childhood.

Many of us have events or situations from your childhood that we have not resolved. Do you? What do you feel when you revisit those events or situations? How did your parents or another adult help you make sense of your actions and emotions…or not? How do you make sense of what you felt/feel?

Parents: What have you learned through visiting your childhood? How can you put what you have learned into play to help your child move through their life story?

 ~Photo by Ka!tlyn

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