Race and Culture Considerations for Transracial Adoptive Parents: A Check-Up


Many questionsWhat race was your child when you adopted him or her? What race were you when you adopted your child?
What race are they now? What race are you now?

What was your child’s culture before you adopted him or her? What is it now?

What was your culture before you adopted your child? What is it now?

How do you perceive your child? How does your child perceive him or herself?

Who are your child’s role models? Who are your role models?

Have you given your child ongoing natural exposure to their race and birth culture, so that they understand what it is to be of that race and birth culture?

Have you prepared your child for racism, which can be more prevalent when he or she isn’t with you? Does your child understand that they are subject to stereotyping, discrimination and racism because of their race?

Parents: While you’re mulling the above questions over (by no means all-inclusive), do you continue to diligently work towards neutralizing any biases you have? (We all have them and neutralizing our biases can be a lifelong process.)

~ Photo by Yuliya Libkina

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