Time for a Tune-Up

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School is ending. June arrives next week. Summer is on the horizon. This is one point every year where I take the timeTune-Up to pause and reassess how the year has gone. The chaotic schedule of our family of six slows way down. The season to just “be” with my kids and husband is on the horizon.

Now is when I ask myself to reflect on what all my family has experienced and how those experiences have affected us individually and as a whole. I ask what I want for my kids and myself in the ensuing months and focus on realigning our priorities. Making sure their individual needs are being met.

Because of his or her age your child is dealing with peer pressure, control, and establishing their identity. Parenting the child who has been adopted takes a little more consideration. All of these things may be compounded by having been adopted or not. Some kids talk. Some don’t.  How can you be the engaged parent without being the helicopter parent or the parent who enables? How do you pursue your child, build connections or add to the connections you already have?

Parents: Do you periodically take time throughout the year to consider what is working well and what isn’t? How do you respond instead of react?

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