Transracial Adoption Advocacy


Advocacy starts with you, with a simple small act. You are but one grain of sand that, as added to others, changes theChanging Sandscape landscape, the pattern of behavior over time. Actions speak louder than words, but words are good too. Here are a few grains:  

  • Seek to value all diversity, not just your child’s.  
  • Take a deep and honest look at your own prejudices. By doing so you can “own” and address them.  
  • Don’t use your child as a “bridge,” a way into being accepted by another culture or race. 
  • Don’t judge other’s experiences, especially in front of your child. There are different ways of doing and seeing. 
  • Interrupt the offensive jokes, comments and language when you hear them. Use positive language. And encourage others to do so as well.

 Parents: What other simple acts can you perform that change the landscape of acceptance of transracial adoption?

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