Sharing storiesHow does your child see his or her adoption? What does he or she know or not know? What will he or she think about their life as they gain knowledge of what occurred when they were infants, toddlers, or children?

One of the best ways to help your child with information about  his or her adoption story is through the use of personal stories-narratives. These stories, told over and over again, changing as your child grows and asks, or doesn’t ask, questions. Narratives serve a multitude of purpose by helping the child to feel secure, deepening trust, learning to love, understanding what a family is, adding to their story, and building a solid foundation for when they need to or should talk about adoption.

Narratives can also include stories you read together, like The Three Names of Me, oral stories you share, or stories you create, perhaps together. Look through videos and pictures with your child. All of these can be used as springboards to talk about feelings and ask questions.

Parents: What kind of narratives do you use with your child? What stories do they want to hear over and over again?

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