Ready for “Phase Two?”


When your child first joined you, you most likely had a support system in place, for example, something along theSaddle Up! lines of a group of parents introduced through your agency or a network of families like yours. You may have been introduced through common friends. You shared what was going on with your child, bounced ideas off one another, shared advice. You addressed any adoption issues that came up. And, if necessary, you may have had specialists helping you with issues like attachment or sensory integration.

Your child grew older and life became busier because he or she became involved with activities like dance, soccer, theater, music. Perhaps, because life was flowing pretty smoothly, you didn’t rely on the support network so much.

Your child has arrived in the land of tween and teens. Adolescence. You need a support network for this second phase of parenting. Do you still have a support system or can you get one you trust into place for the second phase of parenting—tweens and teens?

Parents: Revisit how you parented your child when he or she first joined you. What worked and what didn’t? Who did you connect with? Are they still your friends? Can you rely on them for support as you move through tweens and teens with your child?

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