Getting to the Heart of It: What is the Real Issue?


Parenting is rewarding. It is also one of the most challenging things you will ever do. I know when my children enteredThe International Mom my world they came without instructions. And, quite frankly, if instructions had been included they would have varied with each child and need to be continually updated.

Parenting is a process: you learn as you go and make allowances and change how you parent as your relationship evolves with your child, as they develop. Add adoption into the mix and parenting can become that much more complicated. Add ethnicity, race and culture—more layers—and there is more potential for issues tied to those layers and further parenting challenges.

Say your child is experiencing peer pressure, a need for perfectionism, anxiety, or seeking his or her identity as they enter or are going through puberty. You get the picture. Where does just being a tween or teen leave off and the issue of adoption come in? Does the fact that your child was adopted magnify the common tween and teen issues?

Parents: How do you, the adoptive parent, know when to step in and help your child? How do you discern the difference? What is the real issue?

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