Warrior Parenting


DucksDid you truly understand that when you chose adoption as a means of creating your family that you would become so involved in advocacy? 

Your introduction began early with the home study process, justifying to private agencies and governments why you should be recognized as a good candidate for parenting a child…something you would never be forced to go through if you were having a child by birth.

Later you found yourself deluged with questions from well-meaning family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. If you adopted trans-racially, that advocacy took on an expanded role. You found yourself faced with negative and positive stereotyping, unsubstantiated observations, uninvited opinion, and possibly racism.

Adoptive parents are warrior parents. They work diligently to have their families seen and accepted as relevant by others.

Parents: Broader questions for you this time. How do you feel your advocacy affects the way you parent your child? What impact do you think your being a “warrior parent” has on your child?

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